Space plans for the Internet of Things

The demand for Internet of things technologies is growing every year. Satellite technologies allow you to connect objects to the Network regardless of their location. The new services will be relevant for cargo transportation, intelligent agriculture, energy, and others. Space projects focused on the Internet of things market are already appearing in a number of countries. In Russia, the Marathon-IoT low-orbit satellite system is included in the Sphere program. Experts hope that a public-private partnership will be formed next year………

"Marathon" at the start

As part of the creation of a global multifunctional satellite Internet of things system, LPWAN technology will be adapted for space applications. In particular, subscriber devices and onboard payloads will be created.

As V. Anpilogov told RSpectr, currently” with the moral support “of the Roscosmos state Corporation, an initiative process is underway to develop the Marathon IoT system with the participation of various companies and scientific organizations: Internet of things Laboratory LLC is one of 15 companies….

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