Aggregation of your business
IoT data collection
Data from any type of IOT sensor, transmitted through any type of wireless or wired IOT network. Generic Big Data storage.
IoT data analysis
Data analysis based on user configurable rules. Generation of relevant information and accurate alerts.
Reports & Dashboards
More than 50 widgets available to build, around IOT data, its own reports and custom dashboards. Any sensor, any Network
Devices management
The platform has built-in support for many communication protocols. The device drivers included with the server allow you to connect numerous devices produced by thousands of different vendors. Standard device drivers implement data exchange using the most common protocols of IT, automation, IoT and structured data exchange.
Documented API
The API provides full access to a single data model. This means that you can remotely read and change the values of any data provided through the extensions, both the server itself and third-party ones, including your own development.
Multi-accounts management
The platform allows you to create an unlimited number of user accounts, combining them into a complex hierarchical structure characteristic of large companies. Each attempt to access a single server data model is processed according to the access rights of an authorized user.
Onsite installation or SAAS
The construction of graphs and diagrams occurs by obtaining data from a single model, where they will be dynamically updated every time the data changes. Maintaining a large number of types of graphs and charts will provide information in the form that is needed. In addition, the user can create dashboards and reports using the built-in designer.


The platform is designed to collect, process, analyze, dynamically visualize data from various Internet of things equipment (sensors, controllers, etc.), support decision making, streamline processes, prevent emergencies and increase the level of security in enterprises.

The platform is used to support decision-making, optimize costs, increase security and provide operational information to enterprises about events and possible problems with property, personnel, infrastructure and the environment. The platform consists of a server part, an adaptive web interface.
Sensor for every measurement
Choose the best sensors to measure. LoRa, SigFox, NB-IOT or RF sensors based on M2M technology.
Advanced data processing
Configuration and automatic calculation of daily, weekly, monthly data. Index and consumption calculations. Consolidation of individual sensor data or operations involving multiple sensors.
Toolbars and
Set up your control panels, check reports via the Internet, a mobile application or receive them in the mail as PDF / CSV files.
Lists of alerts and newsletters
Set up and schedule alerts (threshold exceeded, default, fraud). Receive email notifications at convenient intervals (in real time, daily, weekly..)

We provide our customers with a complete set of production documentation including drawings, bill of materials and files for automated production. Firmware and configuration software is provided in sources. As an option, we can take over the production and logistics of your product

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