Mobile application
Taiga IoT Mobile
The application is supported on devices with the Android 8.0 and later operating system.

After mobile app installing, you get access to the device remotely and can use the data from the smartphone screen.

Functional features:
> Settings (this section allows you to configure and set the necessary parameters for the device operation)
> State (the section shows the current state of the device)
> Commands (this section allows you to perform certain actions, such as restarting the device, sending a data packet, reconnecting to the network, and so on.)
> Personalization (the section shows the unique device IDs and the password for accessing the device through the app)
> Debugging (the section displays the current execution of the algorithms.)

Privacy Policy
Available on Google Play
The app is absolutely free
Does not collect personal information
Remote device configuration
Free Lorawan Network Server Chirp Stack
ChirpStack is an open-source LoRaWAN Network Server which can be used to setup LoRaWAN networks.

ChirpStack provides a web-interface for the management of gateways, devices and tenants as well to setup data integrations with the major cloud providers, databases and services commonly used for handling device data. ChirpStack provides a gRPC based API that can be used to integrate or extend ChirpStack.

Adaptive data-rate
APIs and integration
LoRaWAN 1.0 and 1.1 compatible
The "low code" IOT Platform for all your Smart Metering and Asset Tracking projects.

We offer multiple IOT Business Templates, which enable quick and easy deployment of turnkey solutions for various vertical markets. They are available as standalone applications, or as features of any IOT Factory platform account.

IOT Factory integrates more than 650+ sensors (LORAWAN, NB-IOT, WIFI, LTE-M, 4G) in its solutions. We also distribute some specific IOT Sensors.
Tank level monitoring
Energy efficiency
Water metering
Smart office
"Rightech IoT Cloud"
The platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software and can be integrated with any external services: ERP, CRM systems, payment services and third-party applications.

Rightech IoT Cloud (RIC) is a cloud platform for developers and integrators of IoT solutions. RIC is an intermediate link between devices on the one hand and applications on the other.

The platform's tools allow you to create IoT solutions without unnecessary code and reuse them in similar projects. RIC is independent of hardware and protocols, which allows you to make new integrations and combine different devices in one solution without changing the logic of operation.

Open access to the platform (SAAS and On-premise) and flexibly configurable monitoring and dispatching scenarios. The RICH platform is optimized to work in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Any protocol and integration
Flexible business logic
Monitoring and dispatching
"Navigation solutions"
Navigation Solutions is included in the list of key players in the RTLS market and offers a ready-made Indoor asset monitoring system in real time.

The tracking platform is a web service based on RTLS technologies that allows end users to monitor the movement of employees and track assets indoors in real time.
Indoor navigation system
Fast interaction with customers through the mobile app
Comprehensive geodata analytics
Monitoring of personnel and equipment
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