Interactive attraction
Click Button

Interactive sensor system for activity parks, equipped with
LED indication and RFID wristband reader
Data transfer via Wi-Fi network
via MQTT protocol
Device configuration via Bluetooth using the Android mobile app
Built-in rechargeable battery with a
capacity of 8800 mAh
Click Button is an interactive electronic device equipped with an LED display and an RFID wristband reader.

Click Button is part of a sports gaming complex for organizing interactive interaction with users by automated counting of visits to certain check points of the sports complex, accruing points for visiting each check point, monitoring the user's time on the attraction.
The device is designed to be placed inside a sports attraction as checkpoints and is equipped with an RGB LED matrix backlight.

Users of the attraction receive RFID bracelets from the operator of the complex before the start of the game. When the bracelet is brought to the surface of the button, the passage of the checkpoint by the user is recorded and the button transmits data about the visit to the operator's software. Points are awarded for touching sensors (interactive buttons). The goal is to score as many points as possible.

In addition, when the bracelet is presented, the button confirms the successful reading by changing the LED indication.
Click Button interactive system is suitable for most types
of gaming equipment and includes:
  • A set of bracelets with RFID chips issued to visitors
  • A set of sensors stylized as buttons that respond to RFID bracelets
  • Software associated with buttons over Wi-Fi and monitoring the operation of the bracelet-button pairs
  • Monitor (or TV) to display the results of the game
RFID tag reader at 125 kHz
The device is equipped with a USB type-C connector for connecting an external 5V power supply to charge the battery
Data transfer via Wi-Fi network via
MQTT protocol
The device is easily mounted on walls and brackets using fasteners. Mounting holes are located on the sides of the device.
8x8 LED matrix for
event indication
Configuration using the
Android mobile app

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