Recorder IoT Node

Device for receiving data from sensors and transmitting via radio communication channel to the communication center
In case of loss or an emergency, the location of the device can be detected via GNSS
Autonomous power supply through the use of solar panels
The received data is transmitted via LoRaWAN
The recorder is designed to equip monitoring systems with tools for collecting and transmitting monitored parameters and data management.

The system is intended for use in stand-alone unattended supersystems with outdoor (outdoor) installation in a sharply continental climate, flat and mountainous terrain.


The main advantage lies in the completely self-contained power supply through the use of solar panels.

The used lithium phosphate battery LiFePO4 with 1000 charge cycles makes this device completely autonomous, which significantly increases the battery life.

In addition, the device has a backup battery for emergency operation.

Recorded IoT NODE
Shockproof housing
The recorder body is made of durable ventilated sealed plastic with IP-68 protection, and its design allows the device to be used in extreme continental climates. In addition, the device is vented by an integrated pressure equalization diaphragm.

In addition, the recorder has 2 mounting angles that allow fixing the device to a mast, pipe, pole, etc.

Data transmission

All sensors are connected using a cable gland.

Wired sensors are connected to the registrar, the received data is transmitted over the LP-WAN network to the base station with subsequent transfer to the cloud storage.

The recorder has a connector for connecting an external LoRaWAN antenna, and you can also use an antenna on a printed circuit board (built-in antenna).

The recorder has two connectors for connecting the interface SDI-12 and RS-485 for connecting external sensors. In addition, an external accelerometer can be connected to the recorder.

The recorder can be configured using bluetooth. In case of loss or an emergency, the location of the device can be found by means of GNSS.

Recorded IoT NODE

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