Light controller Nb-IoT

Smart city lighting control
Automatic control and time correction
The DALI master device can control a line to which up to 64 devices are connected
The received data is transmitted via Nb-IoT
The outdoor light controller is designed to control the driver via the DALI protocol and with configuration via the Nb-IoT radio channel.

Supports dimming function to adjust the brightness of incandescent lamps.

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Principle of operation
The light controller transmits the received data via Nb-IoT.

The light controller has a built-in GNSS receiver for automatic time correction and automatic control of the light based on the installation location.

The device has a built-in supercapacitor for autonomous operation, in case the external power supply is cut off. Operating time from a backup power source up to 24 hours.
Light controller Nb-IoT - a ready-made solution for your business
Automatic detection of the vertical angle of the lamp post
Automatic shock detection
Automatic time correction and automatic control of the lamp based on the installation location using a GNSS receiver
Built-in light sensor
Storage of up to 250 profiles
Data transmission via Nb-IoT (cat. NB2)

Lighting control DALI protocol

This protocol is used to control individual fixtures or lighting groups. DALI protocol can control a line to which up to 64 devices are connected. Each device can be assigned to 16 separate groups and 16 individual scenes.

Communication not only enables switching and dimming, but also the transmission of status messages from the implement to the controller.

DALI maximizes the flexibility of the system through easy control of lighting (using software without hardware modifications) and adaptation to new conditions (for example, when the purpose of use is changed).

Световой контроллер
Световой контроллер LoRaWAN

Dimming profile types

Profiles can be global (used for all devices on the DALI network) or personal (used for specific devices on the DALI network). In the absence of a personal profile, dimming should be done according to the active global profile.

There can be several global profiles in the device memory, but only one of them can be active (used at the moment).

The personal profile can only be a single copy for one device in the DALI network, it is also active.

Data transmission

Energy-efficient Nb-IoT data transfer technology allows you to provide up to 3 years of battery life of the device.

The readings from the light controller are transmitted to the cellular station, which sends the data over the Internet to the analytical cloud platform.

Световой контроллер LoRaWAN

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