The solution allows you to find out during what period of cargo transportation there were violations with the cargo
All received data is transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy
To start working with the device, it is enough to bring a smartphone with a mobile application "MYLOGGER" to the sensor
Compact size
Due to its small size, the sensor can also be used with small loads
The cargo condition control sensor is designed to monitor the conditions of transportation of goods requiring routine transportation, as well as positioning and monitoring conditions in storage areas.

It's able to collect data according to a custom schedule and detect events. All collected data is stored in the data logger memory and may be transmitted by using Bluetooth.

MYTAB has an NFC function. To get started just bring a smartphone with our mobile application MYLOGGER to the data logger.
Principle of operation
"MYTAB" captures and stores the events/states of the cargo. All received data is transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy.

During cargo transportation, the readings of all sensors are recorded in the device's memory, and can also be transmitted online to a navigation terminal already available in the vehicle. We are constantly working to increase the list of supported navigation terminals.
The MYTAB cargo condition monitoring sensor is a ready - made solution for your business.
Fixing the ambient temperature of the cargo for the entire period of cargo transportation
Fixing the humidity level of the cargo environment during the cargo transportation period
Fixation of attempts to open and sunlight entering the cargo during transportation
Fixation of bumps and overturns of cargo using the built-in accelerometer for the entire period of cargo transportation
Recording of hacking or magnetic impact attempts before, during or after cargo transportation using a Hall sensor
Configuration using the Android mobile app
The MYTAB cargo condition monitoring sensor is a ready - made solution for transport and logistics enterprises. Compliance and maintenance of strict transportation conditions is an important task when transporting cargo.

This category of cargo includes frozen or chilled products, medicinal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations, animal feed, perishable food, flowers and others.

It is important for the carrier to ensure and confirm to the customer the fulfillment of the conditions of transportation of special cargo, and, if necessary, as proof, provide a visual report on the progress of transportation, with the route of the car, the temperature schedule and other indicators throughout the journey, from the place of loading to the end point. The cargo status monitoring system MY LOGGER copes with this task.

In addition to special loads, the sensor can also be used for ordinary and fragile loads. Record coups, falls, break-ins during transportation.
Mobile app MYLOGGER

The mobile app supports NFC technology. Bring your mobile device with the app close to the sensor to get started

You will be able to read data from the sensor and transfer it to the cloud, Bluetooth is activated automatically

You can install the application through the Google Play Market


Mobile app MYLOGGER
A convenient application for wireless configuration of your device:
Available on Google Play
Configure the device and set the desired sensor settings
Activate Bluetooth via NFC for data transmission
Start and finish transportation with the ability to enter data by barcode
Receive and transfer data to the cloud
Generate reports on the status of the transported cargo without an Internet connection

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