Cargo condition monitoring sensor
The cargo condition control sensor is designed to monitor the conditions of transportation of goods requiring routine transportation, as well as positioning and monitoring conditions in storage areas.

It’s able to collect data according to a custom schedule and detect events. All collected data is stored in the data logger memory and may be transmitted by using Bluetooth. MYTAB has an NFC function. To get started just bring a smartphone with our mobile application MYLOGGER to the data logger.


  • Data transmission Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Built-in NFC module
  • Built-in Bluetooth module
  • Shockproof sealed housing IP-65
  • Battery life of a year depending on the settings
  • Configuring the device and updating the software via Bluetooth from a phone

Device configuration

MYLOGGER mobile application allows you to configure the device and set the necessary operating parameters. The application is supported on devices with the Android 8.0 and later operating system. After installing the MYLOGGER application, you get access to the device and can configure and use data from the smartphone screen.

> Read more about the mobile application and detailed instructions for connecting to the device here
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