Personal monitoring tracker
Taiga Personal Tracker-Nb

Tracker for tracking the movement of personnel, both in the open area
and indoors
Location determination using GPS/GLONASS. You always know where your employee is, which route is moving
Determining the location of an employee indoors using an iBeacon/Wi-Fi scanner
The received data is transmitted via Nb-IoT
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Taiga Personal Tracker-Nb is designed to track the movement of motion objects both in an open area using a navigation receiver, and indoors, using the iBeacon Bluetooth tag scanner, as well as a scanner of surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to determining the location of the controlled object, Taiga personal tracker-Nb allows you to count the activity of movements, detect impacts.

The device is made in a shock-resistant sealed case that ensures operation even in the most difficult conditions.
Principle of operation
Taiga Personal Tracker-Nb receives employee location data using GLONASS, if the employee is in an open area, also using the iBeacon Bluetooth tag scanner and the scanner of surrounding Wi-Fi networks if the employee is indoors.

The received data is transmitted to the base station via Nb-IoT, and then to the analytical cloud platform for further monitoring.
Personal monitoring tracker Taiga Personal Tracker-Nb - a ready-made solution for your business
Monitoring compliance with the work schedule, visits to specified objects and time control
Indoor location detection using an iBeacon/Wi-Fi scanner, as well as in an open area using GPS/GLONASS
View the history of employee movements on the map or in reports
Detection of shock, turn and collisions in case of an emergency
Calculation of the motion activity of the monitored employee
Configuration using the Android/IOS mobile app
Couriers or promoters
With the help of the employee monitoring tracker, you will know the exact location of the courier or promoter, will be able to monitor work, compile reports, configure notifications, and promptly respond to emerging emergencies.
Office employees
You will know the exact location of the employee during working hours, this will prevent evasion from the workflow. Employees who work in high-risk areas (factories, construction, industrial, etc. organizations) will be able to use the SOS button in case of an emergency.
Sales representatives
Evaluate the quality of work by analyzing the time spent with the client, % of lateness and many other indicators. Reports will be sent to you regularly by e-mail. They can be presented in a convenient form for you: in the form of text, graph or table.
of using a personnel monitoring tracker
Route control
The device records the location and routes of personnel. This helps to analyze working hours and monitor work efficiency.
Optimization of work
The tracker will help optimize staff productivity by ensuring that the right employees are in the right place at the right time.
Power supply
The device has a rechargeable Li-ion battery. To charge the device, it is enough to connect the device to an outlet using a charging cable with a USB Type-C connector and a USB power adapter.
Dynamic reports
Get detailed reports on staff routes with the total time of presence at the workplace, in each work area and the number of visits per period.
Nb-IoT data transmission
Energy-efficient data transmission Nb-IoT technology allows you to provide up to 2 years of autonomous operation of the device.
SOS button
The alarm button provides an opportunity to quickly call for help in case of an emergency.
Main function
Enclosure dimensions
Operational temperature range
55x35x18 mm
-40…+85 °С
Operational voltage range
Antenna type
Built-in ceramic
Operational humidity range
Ingress protection rating
Number of channels
GNSS geolocation
30 g
Battery model
Battery lifetime
Up to 1 week, depending on the configuration and settings
Cold start time
40 s
Hot start time
Embedded RTC sync with GNSS
2 s
Communication standard
Nb-IoT (Cat NB1)/GSM (GPRS)
Supported Nb-IoT frequency bands (LTE bands)
Supported GSM frequency bands
850/ 900/1800/1900
Data transmission
Nb-IoT/GSM antenna
Built-in ceramic
Bluetooth antenna
Built-in printed
Geolocation method
Bluetooth low energy
Scanning period/duration
Bluetooth beacon format
Bluetooth beacon filtration
Bluetooth geolocation
Configuration interface
With Android/IOS mobile application
300 MHz
Geolocation method
Near Wi-Fi access points BSSID scan
Scanning period/duration
Scanning principle
Wi-Fi geolocation
Motion activity tracking
Yes, with configurable interval and sensitivity
Additional features
Shock detection
Yes, with configurable sensitivity
Power saving mode if no movement
Yes, with configurable no movement duration

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