Bluetooth tag
Taiga Beacon

The device is designed for wireless identification of monitoring objects using Bluetooth technology.
Configuration using a mobile application via Bluetooth
Connecting to the device via NFC
via Bluetooth
At least 5 years of battery life
The device is designed for wireless identification of monitoring objects using Bluetooth technology via the iBeacon protocol.
Principle of operation
Beacons are installed around the perimeter of the room and send signals around with a frequency of a fraction of a second.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that provides information exchange between a beacon and a mobile device. The content reaches the user only if Bluetooth is enabled on his phone.
Bluetooth tag Taiga Beacon - a ready-made solution for your business
Bluetooth Low Energy data transmission
Protocol: iBeacon
Shockproof sealed housing IP-65
Power supply: Replaceable 1500mAh battery
Connecting to the device via NFC via Bluetooth
Configuration using the Android/IOS mobile app
using Bluetooth tags
  • 1
    Beacons do not require a direct signal from a satellite, so they work equally effectively both outdoors and indoors. They can be successfully used in buildings with thick walls or on underground floors.
  • 2
    The device works offline for at least 5 years, depending on the configuration.
  • 3
    Large range
    Taiga Beacon has an extended range. The device is suitable for use in large warehouses, airports, hospitals, and other large indoor spaces.
Where to apply
Logistics, warehouse
Provides detailed information about the location of assets in warehouses, analyzes the movement of vehicles.
Industrial enterprises
Creating a map of enterprises with different access zones, fixing the history of the movement of employees or objects. Thanks to the system, it is possible to reduce the number of emergency situations and optimize logistics indoors.
Monitoring of personnel and accounting of working hours
With the help of beacons, you can accurately determine the location of a person both indoors and outside. In the future, it is possible to monitor the movement of subjects in the enterprise.
iBeacon in stores and shopping malls
Constant monitoring of people's movements allows you to optimize the location of objects inside the store. With the introduction of technology, marketers can monitor and better understand the behavior of visitors. Through the system, you can build heat maps, get a wide range of useful information.

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