Data collection and transmission device Taiga Node-Nb

It is used for collecting and transmitting readings from various types of metering devices
Combined power
The power is supplied from 220V, 12-24V, including from the solar panel
Configuring and updating software via Bluetooth from your smartphone
The received data is transmitted via Nb-IoT
Taiga Node is device for collecting and transmitting data via Nb-IoT wireless data transmission technology with RS-485 interfaces (Modbus protocol support), 4-20 mA, analog input, digital input (guard or pulse counter), I2C and open collector.

It is used to collect and transmit readings from various kinds of metering devices, sensors (temperature, pressure, smoke, alarm status, etc.), industrial equipment.

The device will collect and transmit data via the Nb-IoT network to an analytical cloud platform.

Optionally can be supplied with GSM/3G/4G antenna ATM-GSM-900/1800-M4
Principle of operation
Wired sensors are connected to the device, the received data is transmitted wirelessly via the Nb-IoT data transmission technology to the base station of the mobile operator with subsequent data transfer to the cloud storage.
Jumper for device
The device will NOT work without installing a jumper.
Included with the device is a jumper, which is installed on a pin connector for the required operating mode. The pin connector is responsible for the power configuration of the device and has two configurations:

It is possible to install a non-removable jumper during production.
EXT_PWR configuration
In this configuration, the device will work ONLY from external power supply: solar panel, power supply or 220V.
BATTERY configuration
In this configuration, the device uses backup batteries and a battery pack. First of all, the device will run on battery power. In case of low battery charge, the device automatically starts working from backup batteries.
Taiga Node-Nb data collection and transmission device is a ready-made solution for your business
Data transmission over the Nb-IoT
It can be equipped with an additional expansion board
Non-volatile data storage up to 2MB
Data collection and transmission from various metering devices
Enclosure protection degree IP-67
Configuring the device and updating the software via Bluetooth from a smartphone

Collecting information

Wired sensors are connected to the device, the received data is transmitted via the Nb-IoT wireless data transfer technology to the cloud storage.

The device has a micro-SIM connector.

Световой контроллер
Световой контроллер LoRaWAN


The device has a combined power supply of 220V, 12-24V (including from a solar battery), and the TaigaNode-Nb has a backup power supply due to two replaceable lithium batteries.

Shockproof housing

The case has a degree of protection IP-67, its design allows you to use the device in extreme climate conditions.

The device is easily mounted on walls and brackets with the help of fasteners. The mounting holes are hidden by blind covers on the sides of the device.

Световой контроллер LoRaWAN

Housing and utilities
The solution is suitable for residential buildings, apartments or neighborhoods. Installing the Taiga Node on apartment-by-apartment metering devices will allow you to automatically receive readings without the participation of residents.
Accounting for energy resources
The device for collecting and transmitting data can be attributed to an element of the pipeline telemechanics system. The device solves the issues of transmitting information about pressure, flow rate, temperature and other parameters.
Environmental monitoring
Additional control of parameters (temperature, magnetic influence, humidity, etc.)

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