Asset monitoring tracker
Taiga Tracker-Nb

The solution allows you to track the location of assets
Location determination using GPS/GLONASS. You always know where your object is located, which route it is moving along
Determining the location of an object indoors using an iBeacon scanner
The received data is transmitted via Nb-IoT
The device is in stock
Taiga Tracker is designed to track the assets both in open areas using a navigation receiver, and indoors, using the iBeacon Bluetooth tag scanner.

In addition to determining the location of the asset, Taiga Tracker allows you to count the activity of movements, detect impacts.

Energy-efficient data transmission technologies Nb-IoT allows you to provide up to 3 years of battery life. The device is made in a shock-resistant sealed enclosure, which ensures operation even in the most severe conditions.
Principle of operation
The Taiga Tracker mobile object monitoring tracker receives data on the location of the object using GLONASS, if the object is in an open area, also using the iBeacon Bluetooth tag scanner, if the object is indoors.

The received data is transmitted to the base station via NB-IoT, and then to the analytical cloud platform for further monitoring.
Asset monitoring tracker Taiga Tracker-Nb - a ready-made solution for your business
Determining the location in an open area using GPS/GLONASS
Indoor location detection using the iBeacon scanner
Detection of impacts, overturns and collisions in case of an emergency
Calculation of the motor activity of the controlled object
Up to 3 years of battery life
Configuration using the Android mobile app
Where to apply
Transport, logistics and leasing companies
The mobile object monitoring tracker allows you to get information about the location of the transported cargo or rented transport. Using the tracker, you can monitor the object. With the tracker, you can record the hit of the autopsy of the property, as well as determine the ambient temperature of the device.
Industrial enterprises
A wide area of application of the device is to optimize the work of companies in the industrial sector by controlling the location of portable equipment and employees. With the help of the device, it will be possible to monitor working conditions in production, track the movement of tangible assets.
Construction companies
Thanks to the tracker, you can monitor the location of expensive portable equipment. With the help of an installed device on the object, it is possible to timely identify the loss or unauthorized use of machinery and equipment.
Smart City & Utilities
The use of an asset monitoring tracker allows timely monitoring of service services. The device can provide control of objects without an on-board network, as well as control movable property in the housing and communal services structure. You will be able to see a detailed traffic history for the period, optimally plan a route and control the deadlines for completing tasks.

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