Sensor for monitoring the fullness of garbage containers

The solution allows you to track the filling of garbage cans and monitor the visit of garbage trucks to container sites
The battery life of the built-in battery is at least 5 years
Configuring and updating software using a mobile application via Bluetooth
The received data is transmitted via Nb-IoT
Sensor of the fullness of containers for solid household waste MTBO-1 is designed to automate the control of the fullness of MSW containers and improve the quality of their service, by organizing the timely removal of waste.
Garbage can monitoring sensor is a ready-made solution for your business
Automatic detection of the fact of fire, by tracking changes in temperature inside the container
Generating notifications about the need to clean the sensor, by determining the fact of contamination of the ultrasonic sensor
Sealed shockproof housing IP-67
Determining the position of the sensor in the container
Determination of the fact of emptying the container in the event of a tank overturn
Configuring and updating software via a mobile app via Bluetooth

Two ultrasonic distance sensors

Used to determine the level of container fullness regardless of the location of the MSW sensor (on the wall or on the tank lid)

Waste sensor
Waste sensor

Built-in accelerometer

The sensor is equipped with a built-in acceleration sensor – an accelerometer to determine the orientation in space of the sensor body.

The orientation is determined by calculating the projections of the gravitational acceleration vector on the three axes of the built-in accelerometer. The position of the axes of the accelerometer relative to the body of the device is known in advance.

Thus, the use of the accelerometer makes it possible to automatically determine the orientation of the sensor inside the container for solid waste, on the wall or lid of the container, and select the correct operating mode.

Integrated temperature sensor

The sensor is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, which is designed to detect the fact of ignition of the contents of the container, which is recorded when the temperature of the sensor rises to 60 degrees Celsius and above.

In case of fire detection, the sensor immediately initiates an extraordinary communication session with the remote server to transmit information about the fire detection. At the same time, the period between communication sessions is reduced to 5 minutes until the fire is eliminated.

Waste sensor

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