Taiga HUB-NB

Universal sensor HUB
The device is responsible for measuring, tracking and transmitting the values of currents flowing through electric drives that control various drives and mechanisms of a metalworking machine.

In addition, it also monitors the condition of the control circuits, which ensure proper operation and synchronization of all moving parts and components.


  • Data transmission Nb-IoT (cat. NB2)
  • RS-485, 4-20 мА, 1-Wire, pulse security entrances
  • Analog inputs, open collector, inputs for temperature sensors
  • 15 V outputs for powering external sensors
  • Power supply is 12/24 V DC, the possibility of direct connection to the 220 V AC network
  • Configuring the device and updating the software via Bluetooth from a phone

Device configuration

Taiga IoT mobile application allows you to configure the device and set the necessary operating parameters. The application is supported on devices with the Android 8.0 and later operating system. After installing the Taiga IoT application, you get access to the device and can configure and use data from the smartphone screen.

> Read more about the mobile application and detailed instructions for connecting to the device here
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